POOL LAB ASP (Auto Sampling Photometer)

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The most accurate and reliable chlorine and pH water management system has arrived.

Photometrics – the measurement of light absorbance - has long been recognised as the gold standard globally for accurately analysing pool water chemistry. Pool Lab’s Auto Sampling Photometer (ASP) brings this to the domestic swimming pool with automated in situ testing and balancing of the core parameters of pool water balance – chlorine and pH.

Chlorine and pH are central to a sanitised pool. Correctly maintaining them ensures a safe swimming environment, but can also be a lot of guesswork. The dynamic nature of chlorine and pH in a pool means they are constantly changing in response to environmental conditions, so what’s right one day is not necessarily right the next.

Handling pool chemicals is also a safety hazard. Chlorine and acid are both highly corrosive and it is essential that they are dispensed and stored in a safe manner.

The Pool Lab ASP ends the guessing game. Set your chlorine and pH targets in the control module then let the ASP take control. Performing multiple tests a day, the ASP carefully monitors changing water chemistry and adapts the dosing schedule as required – ensuring your pool is always safe for swimming.

Chlorine production is managed through the salt chlorinator. By adding salt to the pool, the salt chlorinator is able to continuously generate chlorine directly in the water – right where it needs to be. The ASP will switch chlorine production on and off as required, working to the set target.

pH Control Pool Lab's unique cell mounted peristaltic pump automatically feeds acid at precise intervals and rates to maintain pH levels. The system will alert you when the acid resevoir is empty and requires replacement.

Photometric water analysis Light is passed though a sample of water that has been mixed with colour forming reagents.Light of a specific wavelength is passed through the sample and absorbance is measured. Pool lab’s proprietary reagents come packaged in easy to replace, IV-style bags. The bags contain formula for approx. 500 tests so will last six to eight months on the standard domestic swimming pool.

At the core of the ASP is an incredibly clever algorithm which not only calculates dosing requirements but also continually evaluates the effect of recent dosing, adjusting and adapting in real time to environmental conditions. This means manual adjustments for changes in weather or bather load are no longer required.

Combine the Pool Lab ASP with any Pool Lab Plus model chlorinator for the ultimate in pool water management.


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